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Our History

David Sr and David Jr in younger years

Schipsi Electric began as a father and son venture. Dave Sr's extensive mechanical background and Dave Jr's eagerness to advance in the trades fused them together to set out on their own. They quickly earned their nickname, "The Dream Team," after business owners and project managers alike realized that "Dave and Dave" were a dedicated, integral part of their companies' teams. 

We've grown substantially since then, but hold dear to the teamwork approach to our mission. We partner with our clients and adapt to their needs to bring them the results they seek. Our extensive backgrounds provide our clients with the knowledge and experience of the field, while our communication and collaboration allow us to personalize each job, delivering custom-tailored solutions. We investigate the situation, research materials and equipment, and anticipate complications in order to complete a timely and accurate job.

We are competitive by nature, and ensure that our work is done with integrity and accuracy. Our research, service, dedication, and partnership with our clients allow us to exceed expectations.


Our driving force is and always has been our team, comprised of our clients and our employees. We hold long-term relationships priority over everything else. We believe when our employees are taken care of, our clients reap the benefits of quality and efficient work. A focus on safety and training allows the opportunity for advancement, and our clients establish trust and expectations that are consistently met. This lives at the core of our company and serves as our guiding principle.

Interested in an experienced or entry-level position with us? We'd love to explore the opportunity of working together.

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